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Why us?

We're recruiting for our Legion team.
Check out why you should join us.

Performance Based Roster

Get a raid spot based on your merit as a player. Don't lose out on the next progression kill because the GM's girlfriend wanted to raid. Raid with a team of highly capable players.


Loot Council

Get the loot that will serve the raid group best. Be rewarded fairly for your effort, attendance, skills and contributions to the guild and raid group. Check out our loot policy for more information!


Great Raid Schedule

Join us on Wednesday and Thursday each week between 8:00PM and 11:00PM (Server Time GMT+10). Extra raid nights included for launch month of new content.


Active Community

With 800+ guild members, there's always someone on and something happening. Active projects and teams working towards achievements. PvP / RBG teams. You name it, someone's doing it at Remnants Gaming


2 Nights

Easy Weekly Schedule

 World 500

Target Ranking for Battle for Azeroth

 3 Hours

Shorter Faster Raids

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We are currently recruiting!

If you like to raid with a great team and be part of a thriving community - you've found the right guild.

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